We provide fluids and nutrients in an infusion bag that is prepared specifically for you by our professionals. Once your infusion is ready, we will administer it through an IV on your arm.

The infusion takes 15 minutes to an hour!

It depends on the infusion that is chosen, but it will rehydrate you, eliminate cramping and soreness, increase mental clarity, stop migraines, strengthen your immune system, overall, it will make you feel better.

The effect of the infusion last of about 5 days.

Each package has unique ingredients, as the packages Increase, more ingredients are included, so basically you can go from a side dish, to a four course meal.

Improves the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails, flushes and detoxes your system, protects your kidneys, helps with metabolism and maximizing bodily functions, increases circulatory volume, increased energy, overall improved wellness and feeling or well-being.

Water is free-fluid, meaning that it does not have electrolytes in it. Also, water has to be absorbed through your digestive tract, so it takes time for water to restore your fluid balance. IV fluids go directly into your blood stream and contain necessary electrolytes to replace what you have lost.

The solution used is based on the situation: Normal Saline, Ringer’s Lactate, Dextrose with Normal Saline, Dextrose with Ringer’s Lactate

Immediately before and after an athletic event, when you are vomiting and nauseated, when you have a hangover, any time is fine, it is strictly at your convenience and discretion, but we would like to hydrate you sooner than later.

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Did you know that many Americans are chronically dehydrated?